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I am a thriller writer, also teaching creative writing, mainly for children and adolescents, writing for the sciences and autobiography. Crimefiction has always been my favorite genre, but I appreciate poetry, biography and short stories, too. My carrier as a writer started after I had left University, where I worked for more than 10 years as a PhD and a University lecturer, teaching students the secrets of Universal Grammar and preposition stranding and so forth. So I've dealt with German, French and Italian language and linguistics for quite a long time. Then I felt I needed a somewhat more creative, playful thing to do. For all my life I have called a broad and sometimes fanciful and frisky imagination my own. Therefore I have always been a writer - not writing for the public, but for myself. In 2000, I decided to start writing for being published. I wrote lots of short stories, most of them crime fiction again, and one of them is translated into English (Death of a Fish Concessionaire. In: Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine. The World’s Leading Mystery Magazine. Translation: Mary W. Tannert. December 2009. P. 58-64.) 
My first book series is set in the German town of Bamberg, where I studied and worked at University. The main character is a private investigator (a woman), who solves all in all eight cases. After that, I wanted a change again and convinced my publisher to go for a new series with a ghostwriter (again a woman) as main character. These books (the fourth volume came out in July 2010) in the Bavarian capital of Munich and its surroundings. Meanwhile I also write crimefiction for children and adolescents, the first novel will be published in autumn 2010. I love presenting my books and reading on literature festivals or in restaurants, pubs and schools; it is wonderful to get into contact with my readers and to chat about the books and the characters, as if they were real persons we know from our neighbourhood.
Besides, I love tap dancing and travelling.
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Reading night in Miesbach, Bavaria. 


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi there, I'd appreciate more English blog posts from you!
Helena, Cork

Pippa Jay hat gesagt…

Great to be able to read some of your blog at last - sadly my German is not good enough to read all of your posts. :)

Friederike Schmöe hat gesagt…

... now Wibiya toolbar helps you: click on "übersetzen" and choose your language!
Happy days!